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"Laced with mild BDSM elements such as spanking, anal play and light D/s, NABBED IN NEW ZEALAND is a great book to add to your library if you are interested in venturing into the BDSM scene for the first time, but it’s not just for newbies! It’s a must read if you dig erotic romance and enjoy a little kink in your love story.


...I’m a fan of author Christine Edwards’ work. If you are looking for hot and sexy, super alpha heroes, then you have found the right author! Her books are jam packed with smokin’ hot scenes, erotic adventures in beautiful, foreign lands and the men are oh-so-delicious! The super alphas that I love so much are a common theme in all Christine’s books, but equally important to me is that the heroines are strong and can never be described as a “shrinking violet” - they stand up to and hold their own when forced to defy those bossy men!" 

- I [Heart] Bookie Nookie Reviews



This is one lustful read and I need to be on a plane to New Zealand, now! This is my first read of a Christine Edwards book and as soon as I finished I was on the hunt for more! She certainly knows how to write a smoking hot alpha. This was a fabulous gritty and scintillating read with plenty of emotional tirades that the reader is taken through. I certainly could not get enough and I loved everything about this book. I am a definite new fan of Christine Edwards and this book deservedly gets a five star rating from me!

- Foxylutely Book Reviews, London, UK


NABBED IN NEW ZEALAND by Christine Edwards is the exotic vacation you've always wanted to take. It's full of beautiful locations, amazing scenery, and hot men. The story isn't overburdened with slang, accents, or stereotypes, which is a wonderful thing. Cough up the $5 ebook price without complaint. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than an actual vacation to New Zealand, and you'll get the same lovely, relaxed feeling. NABBED IN NEW ZEALAND practically melted my kindle! 

- Dames Unrestrained Reviews

I love reading books that are set in locales that I would love to visit and I certainly love a HOT and steamy romance (with a little spank and tickle too). Christine Edwards delivers in NABBED IN NEW ZEALAND! The different areas and sites of New Zealand are described in such a fantastic way that it made me want to book my flight. From the beaches to the snowcapped treacherous mountains, the setting is a great backdrop to this sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat romance. The interactions (and by interactions I mean sex) between Valla and Judge are steamy. You can certainly feel the sexual tension jump off the page!

- So Many Reads Book Reviews


"[Christine] did a great job blending the romance and intrigue aspects of the story. The battle of wills between the two is epic. The character development and the surrounding story lines made the story that much more enjoyable. I can't wait to read the rest of Christine's books."


Forever Me Romance, Australia


"5/5 Amazing Stars! OH YEAH! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ‘BOUT! CAPTURED IN CROATIA is a boatload of naughty fun and I loved every minute of it! CAPTURED IN CROATIA effectively captured MY attention from the very first page. I’m totally a fan of author, Christine Edwards’ work. If you are looking for a great read, and some smokin’ hot characters, then you have definitely got to check out this one."


- I [Heart] Bookie Nookie Reviews

"5/5 HOT Stars! This book had me hooked from the beginning - especially once Zoran, in his incredibly sexy Croatian accent, uttered the words...You're mine now, princeza. Even with all his dominating ways - he continually showed how much he truly cared for Carew. The best part is always when a kick-ass, strong-willed heroine, like Carew, finally submits to a Dom like Zoran who will treasure what she is giving to them by submitting. I absolutely loved the romantic suspense storyline of this book - and as always I'll be anticipating the next book from
Christine Edwards!"
- Steph, Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
"10/10 Sexy stars! Christine did it again, wait no she freaking knocked it out of the park. I am so over the moon over this book. How she can write a story that is on the edge of so many wicked things, but turn it into a blazing beautiful romance is just a mystery to me. One moment I'm terrified and my heart is racing.The next my blood is pumping for a whole different reason. From their first encounter they oozed chemistry. This story was infused with suspense. But this wasn't an average romance. Two feisty personalities, one dominant man and a woman who needed his strong hand. This gave the ingredients for one blazing hot read."
- Nichole, Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews



"5/5 Steamy stars! Christine Edwards hits the mark again with her latest book CAPTURED IN CROATIA! Action, adventure, a hot alpha man, and a smart sexy woman! What more can you ask for? How about lots of rolling in the sheets, and on the floor, and in the get the idea.This is the hottest book yet and I can't wait to see what Christine has in store for her readers next!"


- Romance in the Highlands Reviews



"The book is written in the first person which gives it a more personal touch. It feels almost like a diary, a record of Violet’s adventures in remote Canadian wilderness. I got very quickly engrossed in Violet's exploration of her almost animalistic attraction to Luke, a local lumberjack. I have enjoyed the book tremendously and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good, romantic story with alpha males, sassy heroines, twists and turns, and a happy ending long time coming."


- Miss Anna Key, Nudge Wink Wink Romance Reviews

"As the story progresses Ms. Edwards takes us on an emotional roller coaster with twists and turns that leave us gasping. The sexual chemistry between Violet and her chosen is very hot and consistent. The raw emotion that comes across during the sex is hot enough to melt through the snow of Canada. The suspense in the story is nicely woven into the romance and leaves you begging for more. I really enjoyed CLAIMED IN CANADA and can't wait to read more from Ms. Edwards."
- LT Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
"I loved the premise and the setting. Though I’ve never been to Norway myself, the author did an excellent job of making me feel like I was right there. The description was detailed but not too heavy-handed. I also thought the pacing was excellent. There were no dull moments and it always seemed to be intense. Things move quickly in this novel as far as the action goes, but I appreciated that the reader is given a chance to get to know the characters before things get too steamy. Alreck was definitely dark and broody--just the way I like heroes to be. As it turns out, though, there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. By the time Vail and Alreck do give in to their attraction if feels natural. I absolutely loved how the romance played out and honestly wanted more by the end (though it finished great) I give NAUGHTY IN NORWAY four whips!"

- Mistress of the Dark Path