Latitude 59

An avalanche disrupts a heli-skiing trip. Is Sabine’s only

hope for survival a man as brutal as the storm that nearly killed her?


The life of Roark Thibault has been ruled by violence.

As the enforcer for an NHL hockey team, he’s a master at

his craft, laying waste to anyone who crosses his path with a viciousness that has earned him both fear and respect.

But a career-ending knee injury has made him question

everything. Choosing solitude, he resides in a remote cabin set deep in the Alaskan wilderness. While hunting, he runs across a gorgeous, unconscious, half-frozen skier. 


Sabine Borgia is terrified of her imposing savior. At first.

She soon discovers behind the gruff exterior is a complex

man scarred by love and life. Will this enigmatic beauty

be the one to finally melt the heart of this fiercely

private warrior? 


Coming October 1, 2016


Christine Edwards author
Christine Edwards Erotic Romances

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