How much fight does one woman have inside?


Calla Hart has never relied on anyone. The fierce West Virginian learned the hard way to be self-sufficient, that is until she is viciously attacked late one night by two thugs. Her luck turns when, still fighting for her life, she is rescued from her attackers by a preternaturally strong stranger. She is stunned to discover that Severin Beauvais is not your typical alpha male hero. Although her pre-med student mind vehemently resists the notion, Calla must soon accept that he is a vampire, one who has stalked the historic grounds of Charleston, South Carolina, since the mid-eighteenth century. Their desire for each other is intense, yet as much as she’d like to envision happily ever after with Severin, too much stands in their way. Aside from her fragile mortality, there is Severin’s extremely dominant personality coupled with his unending feud with the ancient Russian vampire Valdon, who has so far proved invincible. 


And Valdon has set his sights on Calla ....


When it comes down to the wire, what would you sacrifice for the love of your life?


Buy Nabbed in New Zealand
Buy Nabbed in New Zealand

"My face lifts to meet his and inside of two seconds his sexy eyes flicker to onyx black. He knows …. In the woods, before he took me down, they were terrifying. Now they’re astonishing. I shiver as my already damp pussy becomes drenched and clenches tightly in anticipation of everything he has to offer."

- Calla Hart, Charleston Past Midnight 

Christine Edwards author
Christine Edwards Erotic Romances

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